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We realized the hardships that travel lovers face while trying to find the best prices with the best facilities offered by airlines and travel agencies regarding the flights, accommodation, and transportation aspects.
So we found it brilliant to devise a platform that addresses those issues by showing all flights and hotels deals in one place with all the details of contact with the most efficient sorting and filtering tools to offer the info through a simple, clutter-free interface.
We are like an operative magnet that brings you all travel market offerings by integrating with thousands of travel service providers from airlines, Online Travel Agencies, and hotels.
This portal you deal with simply to filter and sort the results and define more your requirement through ticking or unticking the options boxes.
We gain profits from commissions and advertising.
However, this in no way affects the prices that travelers pay as we do not charge the traveler any cost as we are not a booking platform.
Sure we had to dignify our Business by meeting the standards imposed by IATA’s NDC to be a global distribution point for advanced tickets and ancillary bookings.
To clarify, we are now enhanced by IATA to publish and process any NDC-ready provider’s tickets.
Travolic is a free travel search engine that you can use to look for flights and hotels with the most affordable fees that accord with the services and facilities offered.
When you use it, it does not cost you any fees even when you take advantage of the offers presented via its platform.
Travolic helps you get the cheapest flights and hotels.
There is an algorithm that is created to specify which price to be displayed first in case there are two options of equal prices.
The algorithm considers the user experience, customer satisfaction, evaluation given by customers, and service conformity.


If you booked your flight through Travolic website with one of our providers, then you can head to your Bookings page and find out about the round-the-clock support.
If you booked your travel outside of Travolic or were redirected from the search engine to the provider's web page to complete the booking process, then you'll need to get in contact with the provider directly.
If you are unaware of the service provider, check your credit card statements and see which provider charged you for the service.
Because we're searching through a huge array of other travel websites at once, sometimes there are accuracy issues with the information we're retrieving from those sites.
Either the provider’s site isn't updating their inventory with us, has fetched a wrong path, or another traveler has booked the last available seat.
Travolic is an unbiased search engine, not a seller or a reseller, so we should not have a refund policy.
The refund policy is handled solely by the provider through which you have booked your flight.
Just go to your Bookings to identify your service provider's information.
As saving money is the ultimate goal for any traveler, we discovered that the best technique to win a cut-price deal on some flights was to reserve two one-way flights instead of a return ticket.
So, that's exactly what a Hacker Fare does.
It finds two conformable one-way flights to help you save big on flight prices.
You have to ensure first that each leg of your trip is available before booking flights.
All flight prices offered by Travolic include rightful taxes and charges.
Any exceptions to this include any optional fees like checked baggage or airlines that charge for seat selection, pet accommodations, and so forth.
These types of added charges will have to be arranged separately with your airlines.
Want to know what sort of fees an airline might charge?
You'll have to check out our Airline fees page to see if your airline charges extra for checked or cabin bags.
You can start one by signing into our website and going directly to Price Alerts in your account.
If you're searching for hotels, select (Set Price Alert) at the top right of the hotel results list.
If you're on our app, you can get to Price Alerts using the app's navigation menu and follow guidelines therein.
When searching for flights on Travolic, you can select the number of children and infant passengers via the traveler drop-down menu.
In case you want to pay for someone else's flight, surely you can do so.
However, you'll need to ensure when typing in the passenger's details that the name you enter on the ticket matches the traveler's ID exactly - a slight typo could stop their flight.
Also, be notified that many airlines charge a substantial change fee to amend any mistakes if any piece of information needs to be changed or modified after the ticket has been booked.
No worries.
When you're on the Travolic Flights page, select 'Multi-City' above the search bar before clicking on the search button.
This will allow you to search for a flight with up to 3 different legs.
Right now through Travolic you can search for a maximum of nine passengers at a time.
Even though, Travolic can still help you situate the best itineraries for your group. We suggest you find the flight you wish to purchase by completing a search at and then contact the airline directly to talk over collective trips.
Due to the different sales laws and local taxes that a flight provider has to pay based on a local version of Travolic and that is why they may not be able to sell to global customers at the same price, or at all.
Sometimes, providers give out special discounted rates on flights with the following caveat: because the rates are so low, the airline wants to remain anonymous until you complete your purchase.
We are always in regular contact with our partners, looking to evolve our relationships.


If you booked your travel via the Travolic website with one of the providers shown on the search results, then you can go to (Bookings) page and get info on around-the-clock support.
If you booked your travel outside of Travolic or were redirected from our site to a provider's web page to complete your booking, then you'll need to get in contact with the provider directly.
If you are not sure which provider did you book your flight through? Check your credit card statements to see who charged your card.
Because we're searching a myriad of other travel sites at once, sometimes there are accuracy issues with the information we're receiving from those sites.
Either the site isn't updating their inventory with us, has given the wrong path, or another traveler has booked the last available accommodation object.
As Travolic is a search engine, not a seller, we don't have a refund policy -- that's tackled solely by the provider that booked your trip.
If you do not know your service provider, check your credit card statement and/or go to Bookings page to locate your provider's information.
Through our site, you can create one by signing in and going directly to Price Alerts in your account or you can look for the (Track Prices) button on the top left-hand side of flight results.
If you're searching hotels, select (Set Price Alert) at the top right of the hotel results list.
Star ratings are gained from the hotels themselves as well as online travel agencies that sell hotel rooms.
Travolic obtains that information and shows what's sufficiently precise.
We recognize that some of those providers are more reliable than others and consider this fact when displaying the number of stars.
All of our hotel reviews are given by verified guests, so you have to know that what you're reading is valid and proper.
When you search for a hotel on Travolic, our automatic sorting tool uses the 'Recommended' algorithm.
This algorithm is based on a few essential factors.
The first two of those factors rely on each hotel's guest rating and popularity in terms of clicks.
Hotels shown on Travolic are often available to book on several provider sites, each of which will pay for clicks or bookings that they get via Travolic.
We also factor this average revenue potential of each hotel into our recommendations.
You can also choose to sort by 'Price', which will rank hotels by the lowest price first, or by 'Review Score', which will classify hotels by review scores.
Within a hotel listing, we order our results based on an embedded algorithm that balances the prices and our revenue for the results shown.
If the cheapest offer is not displayed above the “View Deal” or “Select” button, we highlight it in green in the central section of the listing.
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